Guildford Opera  : Cast Details and Reviews

Principal Characters (in order of appearance)

Adele, the Eisenstein’s parlourmaid                                           Helen Semple

Rosalinda von Eisenstein                                                            Jan Barklem

Alfred, an opera singer                                                               Randy Nichol

Gabriel von Eisenstein                                                                Alan Rankin Crooks

Doctor Blind, a lawyer                                                                 Giancarlo Campisi

Doctor Falke, a friend of Eisenstein                                         Richard Bacon

Colonel Frank, the prison governor                                           Joe St Johanser

Ida, Adele’s sister                                                                      Clare Eggington

Prince Orlofsky, a wealthy Russian aristocrat                        Leomarie Shearing

Frosch, a prison warder                                                             Ken Rowland

Minor Roles

Johann, a music seller                                                                Harry Evans

Fritz, footman to the Eisensteins                                             Stuart Giffard

Faustine, the Eisenstein’s kitchenmaid                                    Marion Hughes

Hans, an animal seller                                                                Evelyn Morgan

Brigitte, a flower seller                                                             Rita Rowland

Gretchen, a hat seller                                                                Sue Squirrell

Prison warders                                                                            Richard Gardiner

                                                                                                    Steve Juliff

Ivan, Prince Orlofsky’s manservant                                         Tony Bundy

Footmen                                                                                       Jamie Barklem

                                                                                                    Alex Rutherford

                                                                                                    Sonia Tamerlane


Muriel Clarke, Jody Coe, Pippa Davis, Maura Dearden, Harry Evans, Stuart Giffard, Jean Gooding, Ted Hart, Joan Hounsome, Marion Hughes, Steve Juliff, Glenys Magill, Roy Miles, Evelyn Morgan, Chris Oulds, Henry

Pattison, Irene Pattison, Rita Rowland, Ming Rutherford, Sue Smith, Sue Squirrell, Franita Swart-Smith


Flute                              Denise Janaway                            French Horn Duncan Hollowood

Oboe                             Helen Hollowood                            Double Bass Michael Atkinson

Clarinet                         Andrew Norris                              Percussion Adam Boniface

Bassoon                         Emma Selby                                   Piano  Polina Gerasimenko

Musical Director      Kevin John

Stage Director        Kevin John, Randy Nichol (Director of Chorus)

Die Fledermaus

Noda review of GOC’s Die Fledermaus, December 2006

A sparkling production of this Johann Strauss musical. Guildford Opera Company excelled in this anniversary of 35 years of opera productions. The cast were on top form in singing and acting. This first night performance had quality in all departments, great singing of this music and the story told without a fault. Excellent entertainment.’

John Haslam.