Guildford Opera  : Cast Details and Reviews

Characters (Principal Roles in order of appearance)

Tamino (a prince)                                                 Randy Nichol

1st Lady (attendant of the Queen)                     Elaine Hayward

2nd Lady (attendant of the Queen)                    Ilana Jacobs

3rd lady (attendant of the Queen)                     Angharad Lewis

Papageno (a bird catcher)                                   Gabriel Gottlieb

The Queen of the Night                                      Clare Eggington

Monostatos (servant to Sarastro)                       Richard Bacon

Pamina (daughter of the Queen of the Night)  Jay Britton

1st Genie                                                               Esme Baker

2nd Genie                                                             Tonya Kocharova

3rd Genie                                                             Helen Cohen

The Speaker (1st priest)                                     James Fisher

Sarastro (The High Priest)                                 Russell Matthews (Adam Leftwich stepped in on the day)

2nd Priest (speaking part)                                  Richard Johnson

Priest                                                                   Stuart Giffard (tenor)

Priest                                                                   Clive Perry (bass)

Papagena                                                             Katie Graham

Armed Man                                                         Stuart Giffard (tenor)

Armed Man                                                          Clive Perry (bass)

Woodland Animals         Rebecca Haddon (owl)         Honor Liley (hedgehog)             Harry Lintott (badger)

                                       Florence Sharman (mouse)  Irenie Shiangoli (fox)

Slaves            Alan Knight

                      Harry Evans


Muriel Clarke, Nigel Clarke, Jody Coe, Margaret Cox, Pippa Davis, Maura Dearden,  Harry Evans, Stuart Giffard, Jean Gooding, Ted Hart, Joan Hounsome, Marion Hughes, Cheryl Humphrey, Steve Juliff, Alan Knight, Sheila Knight, Amanda Leader, Gayle Leader, Glenys Magill, Peter Melville, Beryl Miles, Roy Miles, Denis O’Donoghue, Clive Perry, Joan Robinson, Rita Rowland, Ming Rutherford, Sue Smith, Sue Squirrel, Gill Tarryer, Sue Tilling, Donald van Every, Barbara White.

Directed and Conducted by Kevin John

The Magic Flute

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