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Hannah Glawari, The Merry Widow           Elizabeth Slade

Danilo, First Secretary                            Richard Gun Cuninghame

Valencienne, Ambassador’s wife              Ramani Langley

Camille Rosillon, Valencienne’s lover        Richard Johnson

Zeta, Ambassador                                  Peter Melville

Minor Roles

Njeguš, General Factotum                       Howard Rose

Cascada, French diplomat                       Ed Bellett-Travers

St Brioche, French diplomat                    Graham Fisher

Kromov, diplomat                                   Clive Perry

Olga, his wife                                         Marion Hughes

Bogdanovich, diplomat                           Alan Knight

Sonja, his wife                                       Susan Venton

Prichcich, diplomat                                 Stephen Peacock

Nadja, his wife                                       Angela Joseph

Waiter                                                   Jimmy Joseph

Grisettes • Lolo - Puri Riveiro • Joujou - Penny Hope • Cloclo - Cathy Payne • Froufrou - Tanya de Leon • Dodo - Sonia Tamerlane-Fitzgerald •

Shirley Barrett, Margaret Cox, Jody Fearn, Jean Gooding, Sue Grove, Joan Hounsome, Sheila Knight, Glenys Magill,  Rita Rowland,
Sue Squirrell, Les Thorpe, Alison Vincent, Graham Vincent


Flute      Lois Geldard                 Bassoon        Ben Exell

Oboe      Anne Glover                 Horn             Tim Caister

Clarinet  Boyan Ivanov                Double Bass  Adam Churchyard
Piano     Judith Flint