Author: Mrs Betty Haslam

La Boheme was first performed in 1896 Puccini basing his Italian work on Scenes de la Vie de Boheme by Henri Murger.  Kevin John directed this opera bringing out the best of a very talented cast. His leading lady Mimi (Hannah Kirk) delighted with her singing and acting in the tragic role in a sympathetic way. Rodolfo (Randy Nichol) a poet, his wonderful Tenor voice, played the part of Mimi’s lover with a great deal of emotion, tormented over her illness and eventual death at the finale.  Marcello (Richard Arundel) a painter portrayed his role in an agitated manner always appearing to be on edge and fidgety in a very accomplished manner.  Schaunard (Matthew Palmer) a musician based his role as life and soul of the party, his bass voice and acting  bringing out the true character of Jack the lad. Colline (Derek S. Henderson) acting and singing the bass baritone role was very majestic as the philosopher. Benoit (Jonathan Barry) an excellent portrayal of the role of landlord, after reminding them they owe 3 months rent, they plied him with wine, whence he shocked everyone by talking of his infidelity to his wife. Musetta (Laura Cheetham) a singer and ex lover of Marcello was splendid looking very elegant and played the part well eventually being reunited with her ex lover Marcello. The rest of the principals, chorus and very talented children gave wholehearted support to the production. Musical Director Francis Griffin and his orchestra gave tremendous support to the cast.  Occasionally the balance slightly favoured the music but did not detract from the performance .   Kevin John designed the set. Stage Manager Dawn and her crew supplied a very good set which enhanced the performance



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