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The Tempest, an opera by Joe St Johanser

Prospero                  Tim Baldwin

Ariel 1                      Anna Loveday

Ariel 2                      Lizzie Hull

Ariel 3                      Leo Shearing

Miranda                    Helen Semple

Ferdinand                Yuri Sabatini

Calibran                   Richard Arundel

Stephanie                Jill House

Trincula                   Joanna Tomlinson

Alonso                     Nigel Evans-Thompson

Antonia                    Marion Hughes

Sebastiane              Wyktoria Szyrocka

Boatswain                Nick Gee

Master                     Roy Miles

Principal Characters


Jody Coe, Pippa Davis, Graham Fisher, Ted Hart, Joan Hounsome, Alan Knight, Sheila Knight, Glenis Magill, Peter Melville, Roy Miles, Beryl Northam, Clive Perry, Joan Robinson, Rita Rowland, Ming Rutherford, Sue Squirrell, Eligio Tanggia, Gill Tarryer.


Violin 1                          Tina Bowles (Leader)

Violin 2                          Lawrence Lea

Viola                              Emily Firth

Cello                              Jayne Spencer

Bass                              Gemma Murray

Flute                              Elizabeth Cutts

Oboe                              Sara Grint

Clarinet                         Tracey Thurlow

Bassoon                        Olwen Griffin

Horn 1                           Jonathan Wood

Horn 2                           Fiona Brockhurst

Percussion                    Elizabeth Barker                     


NODA SE Region - Show Report  (from NODA website - 09/06/2011)

Guildford Opera

The Tempest

Reviewed by: Betty Haslam on Saturday 30 April 2011
Venue: The Electric Theatre, Guildford
Type of Production: Grand Opera
Producer/Director: Jackie Shearer
Musical Director: Francis Griffin

Show Report

The Tempest by Shakespeare, using the poetry of the play was the basis for
Joe St. Johanser’s operatic composition which Guildford Opera premiered. Rob Mills design for the scenery cleverly depicted a stormy sea, a giant wave and a sea shore with sand Excellent lighting designed and operated by John Whitehead. Kris Benjafield used costume from the in house wardrobe which was very effective. Specialist costumes by Leslie Griffiths. Clever makeup with especial note of how Richard Arundel (Caliban) was transformed by Louise Walsh. The rich timbre of bass/baritone Tim Baldwin (Prospero) coupled with an excellent stage presence made for an excellent portrayal of the part. Richard Arundel (Caliban) the deformed slave whose powerful baritone and acting enthralled the audience . Anna Loveday, Lizzie Hull, and Leo Shearing as the three Ariel Spirits played their parts well. Helen Semple (Miranda) had a very pleasant voice and was comfortable in her part. Yuri Sabatini (Ferdinand) thrilled the audience with his wonderful tenor voice. Musical direction by Francis Griffin and Stage Direction by Jackie Shearer complemented with a strong cast of excellent singers made for a very enjoyable evening.


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Musical Director         Francis Griffin                         Stage Director        Jackie Shearer