The Electric Theatre - Central location


The Electric Theatre, Guildford Opera Company’s usual venue, is placed in the heart of Guildford and the one way system, within a couple of minutes walk from both the Rail and Bus stations.
It is described as a  vibrant arts venue with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Backstage at the Electric Theatre
Stage crew positioning scenery flats

Many hands make light work...

Like all other opera companies we rely heavily upon a small backstage team to ensure that our performances are a success. However, we would welcome assistance with lighting, set design, building and painting, as well as making, distributing, and altering costumes. Another task is finding and managing properties (props). Stage makeup  experts are also required for our chorus and soloists.
Much of the work for set painting, costumes and properties starts in September immediately prior to our main November production, and February/March for our Spring production

Health and safety at all times...

During performance week all the back stage team are present at the technical and dress rehearsals as well as at the four main performances at the Electric Theatre.

If you would like to be involved, further details are available from our Production Manager with the  contact details on the Contact page.

Working on the lighting bars

Shedding light on the subject....

Some aspects of the theatre are more specialised than others, and stage lighting and electrics are obviously in that category.